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Residential – Commercial – Industrial
We inspect buildings & We facilitate work groups

 Our Services Impact the Bottom Line and Influences Quality,

We Strive to Transform Client Stress into Certainty.

How can I ADD VALUE to your building project or real estate transaction?


 Quality Control Inspections

A system of measuring and maintaining construction standards during the activities associated with the erection of a structure by conducting observations and comparing the results of the observations on site to pre-determined construction standards.

 Simple Gantt Chart Scheduling

Assists the Home Owner, Home Builder & Architect to plan the administration and execution of the project. It lists all the activities required to complete the project & allocates estimated time frames to the tasks/activities to show the interrelationship between them.

 Snag List Inspection

Once a newly built home has been completed prior to handover from the Home Builder to the Home Owner a detailed snag or punch list is compiled as an indication for final closure that the project has been finalized and accomplished by the Home Builder.

Mediation of Building Disputes

Should a dispute arise between the Home Owner and Home Builder or Developer, Value Add Property Inspections can assist in mediating the process on behalf of the client. Typically we would analyze the specifications and detail as specified by the Architect and depending on the element under investigation ensure that all compliance certificates are made available.

 Facilitation of Work Groups

Should a problem be experienced during the building process which requires the interaction of multi disciplinary functions I can facilitate the work group taking them through a structured process with the objective of delivering a plan of activities with responsibilities and due dates for task completion.

 Existing Homes Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys

Should a prospective buyer or seller of residential, commercial or industrial property wish to gain a better understanding regarding the condition of a structure and its surrounding components Value Add Property Inspections can conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase condition report.


Value Add Property Inspections (Pty) Ltd was established through Darrel Trigg from Trigg’s Home Inspection Agency. Darrel conducted home inspections throughout Gauteng for 8 years and immigrated to the UK in 2015.  We are now growing the business by supplying an expanded professional service at a competitive price.

My name is Deóne Henderson and I worked with Darrel at various stages during this time and I represent Value Add Property Inspections. My formal qualifications include a B.Tech degree in Industrial Engineering with a strong focus on quality management systems and project management.

We are a service provider specializing in providing inspection services to Architects, Developers, Home Builders and Home Owners undertaking a building project. These services will have an impact on the outcome of the building project in terms of the delivery of quality of workmanship and have an affect on the bottom line.

In addition we conduct pre-purchase inspections for clients conducting transactions within the property market with a big focus on home inspections. Should a prospective buyer or seller of real estate wish to gain a better understanding regarding the condition of an existing property and its structures we can assist our clients by creating awareness through risk identification and objective analysis – seeking to evaluate based upon the relevant facts, regardless of feeling because purchasing a home has an element of emotion attached to it.


The primary function of Value Add Property Inspections is to add value to your building project or real estate transaction regarding the buying or selling of residential, commercial or industrial property.

Adding value means that the costs and benefits derived from utilizing such a service must outweigh the costs to employ the rendered service.

When you are obtaining more than what you paid for you move into the zone of value. Talk to me, or look at what my customers are saying regarding value!



I recently signed an offer to purchase on a home without having a home inspection done. Two weeks into the transaction, we noticed damage to the internal and external property due to certain latent defects. The seller and agent never disclosed these defects and were not willing to remedy the situation. At this point, I had no choice but to seek legal advice. I approached Deóne Henderson from Value Add Property Inspections to conduct an inspection on the property and he provided a conclusive report on the property and related defects. Thanks to Deón’s findings and comprehensive report, my legal representation were soon able to resolve this matter. My advice to all prospective buyers is to get a home inspection done prior to signing an offer to purchase! Thank you Deóne for your kindness and support during this process, it is greatly appreciated.



We were very happy with the fast and detailed service provided by Value Add Property Inspection. They were incredibly quick and were able to meet our requirements without hesitation.The report was detailed and from that we were able to be better prepared for our new house and have more knowledge to negotiate with. Thank you

Miss Chevonne Powell - Boxburg - 2020


We had a terrific experience working with Value Add Property Inspections. Deóne was very transparent and even during the inspection advised on things we should should take note of. Deóne was prepared to take us through the details to clarify anything we were unsure of.We would definitely refer his service to anyone looking to do a thorough home inspection!

Mrs Judith Maphalala - Auckland - 2020


In my dealings with Deóne I have found him to be credible, reliable and trustworthy. We have found him to be a great resource in our journey of finding our dream home.  We were on the verge of purchasing a home which could have resulted in us experiencing buyers remorse as we were unaware of the defects and associated high repair costs.  His report presented a clear view on the condition of the property and highlighted what it would entail to restore the dwelling to an acceptable condition. His reports are comprehensive and of a high quality. He has shared useful contacts with us and has not hesitated to highlight when other expertise are required. He is always available to provide feedback.

Mrs Pakama Tsabedze - Greensiide - 2018


Deóne Henderson performed Quality Control inspections on my homes in Waterfall Estate. My only regret is contacting him three months into the build – I should have had him from the start. Not knowing anything about building the entire process is quite daunting. It helped me considerably having somebody on site ensuring that everybody was building to a good standard. Deóne also provided a knowledgeable ear on all things related to the construction and helped me with ensuring all paperwork was up to date. He was also instrumental in a favourable settlement with a cash-strapped Builder. I would definitely recommend using him to remove the stress of the building process.

Naeem - Midrand - 2017


We were skeptical at first to get an inspection done due to the cost but boy oh boy was it worth it! Not only did Deóne reveal the latent defects but we used the report as a bargaining tool (lets face it we don't usually budget to fix up damp problems!) and we ended up reducing the asking price by R150 000 !!! Absolutely worth it!

Minolen - Little Falls - West Rand - Johannesburg - 2017


Deóne conducted approximately 50 QC (Quality Control) inspections over a period of a year at a property in Bryanston where I appointed a Developer to construct my brand new home. Deóne justified his inspection fees multiple times over by observing non conformances in relation to specifications and construction standards and communicated these deviations in written reports. In effect this means his services were free because the value of the remedial work outweighed his service fees. He had a significant impact on the quality of workmanship delivered by the Home Builder by providing facts which demanded the attention of the Developer. I would recommend any Home Owner undertaking a building project to consider applying weekly QC inspections provided by Value Add Property Inspections.

David and Janet - Bryanston - Johannesburg - 2016


I used Deóne Henderson to carry out an inspection on a property before I purchased it. He was extremely helpful and provided me with a very thorough and well written report which enabled me to successfully negotiate on the purchase price of the property. In addition the detail in the report helped me to prioritize work that would be needed on the property and to have a rough estimation of how much work would need to be done as well as an approximate cost. Deóne also gave advice on selection of contractors to do the work I needed. I also referred Deóne to other friends who have been purchasing property and they have thanked me for the recommendation as they also found his report to be extremely thorough and useful.

Emma - Melville - Johannesburg - 2016


I made use of Deóne's services when I recently put in an offer to buy a house. I made the entire sale conditional on the successful outcome of a building inspection. As a result of the inspection which was detailed and completed within five days over the festive season, I was able to negotiate a price reduction of R100 000 and knew exactly what I was buying. Deóne is a consummate professional. I will always use him going forward and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Shirley - Parkhurst - Johannesburg - 2016

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